Which Professional Memberships Decrease My Auto Insurance?

There is not only safety in numbers, there is also the opportunity to enjoy much lower auto insurance rates when you are a member of a professional group, organization or union. When there are hundreds and sometimes hundreds of thousands of individuals who drive and have to buy auto insurance who are members of a particular organization, the strength of that membership gives the group much stronger bargaining power when asking an automobile insurance provider to offer the best group rate possible on liability insurance. By the same token, the ability to offer their members discounts on something as essential and important as automobile insurance is a great incentive to attract new membes.Many individuals happily pay membership dues to belong to the group because they view the auto insurance discount as a nice money-saving perk of membership.

Professional Membership and Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance May Make Your Annual Membership Worth It

Before you renew your next insurance policy, think of the professional associations you may already belong to and not realize that you haven’t been taking advantage of their group auto insurance rate. Are you a member of a teachers, plumbers or electrical trade union? Have you paid an annual membership to belong to a service club such as the Automobile Association of America? Are you a senior who signed up to receive benefits by belonging to a group such as AARP or a long-time government employee? These are all good examples of the kinds of professional memberships where your nominal annual membership dues can help you access hundreds of dollars worth of discounts when it comes to purchasing automobile insurance. There are many local chambers of commerce which encourage area businesses to join their ranks by advertising that members are entitled to auto insurance discounts with a specific insurance provider.

By How Much Discount Can a Member Enjoy?

Discounts given to members of a specific trade, social or professional organization can range anywhere between 3% to a hefty 30% discount off annual premium rates. If you already are a member of a professional group, ask your membership director for information about any insurance companies they have special relationships with for the purpose of providing their membership with discounted rates. If you do not already belong to a professional group or association, look online for listings of professional and trade associations and see if any categories fit your occupation, your age, or even your social interests. Then check out their website to see what membership requirements and fees are and if auto insurance discounts are offered as one of the money-saving benefits of membership.

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