Erie Insurance Markets Auto Insurance to Midwest, Eastern Seaboard

Erie Insurance – A Multi-Line Insurance Company

Erie Insurance and Overall Customer SatisfactionThe Erie Insurance Company, doing business as a multi-line insurance company since its founding in 1925 in Erie, Pennsylvania, offers automobile insurance coverage in 11 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. It has customers in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. It ranks 15th among the top 25 largest auto insurers in the nation, with almost 2 million direct written policies in 2012, representing a 1.20 share of the auto insurance industry. Erie also ranks 8th in popularity for overall customer satisfaction out of 24 major auto insurers researched by J. D. Power & Associates.

Erie Insurance –¬†Started as an Auto Insurer

Since the day it started operating in 1925, Erie Insurance Company has been issuing auto insurance policies, the first of which charged a modest $34 for annual coverage. Its mission is to provide customers with the highest levels of protection and service at the lowest possible cost. Erie added fire insurance to its product offerings in 1940 and in the 1970s also began offering life insurance.

Erie’s¬†30 Extra Car Insurance Features

In addition to offering the standard basic auto policy coverages such as bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, Erie prides itself on offering more than 30 extra car insurance features to help customize coverage to a policy holder’s unique needs, relying on a network of Erie Insurance agents to provide personalized service that other insurers offering low rates do not. Among its auto coverage extras offered at no additional charge are additional payments for such things as travel costs, personal property loss and locksmith services, paying animal first aid costs, waiving comprehensive deductible amounts when a damaged windshield is repaired rather than replaced and waiving collision deductible amounts when both parties involved in an accident are Erie customers.

Erie Signature Programs

Among its signature programs are Feature 15 offering no auto policy surcharges for customers with an Erie Auto policy in force for at least 15 years, and five different payment plans in addition to an EriExpress Pay program, a twelve-month debit direct pay plan. In addition to Multi-Car and Multi-Policy discounts which enable its customers to get the best value for the protection provided, Erie also offers Car Safety Equipment Discounts, a Safe Driver Discount, a Pioneer Experience Rating Credit after three years continuous Erie coverage, Youthful Driver Discount, Driver Training Discount, Accident Prevention Course Discount for successful completion of an approved defensive driving course, Age 55 and Over Discount, and Reduced Usage discount for cars not driven for at least a 90 day period.