Key Things To Know About Auto Insurance For Economy Cars


Most people who are searching for cheap transportation on a budget automatically assume that economy cars with great gas mileage also carry the lowest auto insurance rates. Research has proven just the opposite. Small cars that have low horsepower and are affordable to repair are not the least expensive type of car to insure. The annual insurance premium for a small economy car is often a few hundred dollars more than an SUV or a mini van. A … [Read more...]

Ohio Auto Insurance

Cleveland Skyline

Key Things to Know About Ohio Auto Insurance Ohio Auto Insurance Laws Anyone who plans on owning and operating a motor vehicle in the state of Ohio should be aware that although Ohio does not have a purely compulsory law that a driver must have automobile insurance, the state does have what is called a Financial Responsibility (FR) Law. Although motor vehicles owners are not required to provide proof of insurance in order to legally register … [Read more...]